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MTA Atomki VdG

The MTA Atomki homemade 5-MV Van de Graaff (VdG) electrostatic accelerator for ions lighter than O and include, besides conventional beamline for PIXE/PIGE and DIGE analysis of larger sized samples, a PIXE beamline devoted to aerosol analysis in the Mg-U range, a microbeam for PIGE, RBS, NRA, ERDA and PIXE analysis in the C-U range as well as micro-machining of minute samples with high lateral resolution.

The tanks of the MTA Atomki VdG accelerators is shown on the photo below. The yellow and the green tanks are of the 5 MV and the 1 MV machines, respectively.

Click here for the main parameters of the VdG-5 accelerator.